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Nutraceuticals Conference Italy 3rd national Forum

For centuries we have had the illusion that pregnancy was a simple event: the spermatozoon simply has to meet the oocyte and that’s it. Reality is not exactly like that: thousands of steps are necessary, caused by a cascade of hormonal events, so that the best spermatozoon can meet the mature oocyte, fertilisation happens, and the embryo migrates to the uterus where it could be implanted, even here the conditional is called for.

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Good habits: 5 essential steps

How do you build good habits? What can we do to feel better, be focused, have a mindset which is able to fully support the burden of life?Nurturing good habits.Primarily, by freeing ourselves from the social obligation of always having to smile, bee satisfied, happy and accomplished. Life is hard and it is for everyone. We all need to find our own rhythm and build habits (this requires a lot of time and patience) that meet our needs. Let’s start with the basics: what are good habits? Habits are automatic, repetitive, and often unconscious behaviour which we regularly carry out. Each time we tackle a new task for the first time our brain works hard to assimilate new information and...

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