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MTHFR mutation: research and diagnosis.

MTHFR mutation The term mutation indicates specifically a genetic defect, hence in the DNA. A study conducted by the Human Genome Project has demonstrated that the faulty transcription of the DNA implies the bad functioning of a gene present in the body and that it carries out an important role. What happens to the body? The mutation of this gene causes a loss in the production of Methylfolate with a variation that hovers between 30% and 70% compared to the normal dose. The body goes into deficit causing a range of serious problems of which it is not always easy to find the main source, such as: Cardiac illnesses Predisposition to cancer Hair loss Difficulty of liver to detox Depression...

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Nutraceuticals Conference Italy 3rd national Forum

Nutrizione e fertilità sono due elementi di cui comprendiamo la connessione in maniera scientifica e specifica. Numerosi studi hanno confermato che l'assunzione regolare di determinate sostanze, come l'avocado, consentono alle donne di migliorare le proprie performance mediche e di aumentare le possibilità di rimanere incinta.Inoltre, i fattori esterni, come inquinamento e cattiva alimentazione, influiscono negativamente sulle possibilità, sia per uomini, sia per donne, di procreare.

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Good habits: 5 essential steps

How do you build good habits? What can we do to feel better, be focused, have a mindset which is able to fully support the burden of life?Nurturing good habits.Primarily, by freeing ourselves from the social obligation of always having to smile, bee satisfied, happy and accomplished. Life is hard and it is for everyone. We all need to find our own rhythm and build habits (this requires a lot of time and patience) that meet our needs. Let’s start with the basics: what are good habits? Habits are automatic, repetitive, and often unconscious behaviour which we regularly carry out. Each time we tackle a new task for the first time our brain works hard to assimilate new information and...

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